Afinal o novo milénio é em 2000
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do departamento relativismo-pós-moderno
And now for... :-) Depois da grande polémica sobre o início do novo milénio o Linus Torvalds decidiu pronunciar-se sobre a questão. Contrariamente ao que muitos de nós pensavam, eu incluído, o milénio começa mesmo em 1 de Janeiro de 2000. Seja. Explicação no desenvolvimento...
 From: (Linus Torvalds) To: Ron Flory wrote: >Huh? Contrary to popular misconceptions, the year 2000 is actually the >LAST year of this millennium. After Dec 31 1999 we will have completed >1999 full years. Jan 1 2001 is the first day of the next millennium. Contrary to popular misconceptions, PEOPLE DON'T CARE! The fact that our forefathers were Pascal-programmers, and started counting from one does not mean that we have to continue that mistake forever. We've since moved on to C, and the change from 1999->2000 is a lot more interesting in a base-10 system than the change from 2000->2001. The reference point of our timekeeping is based on an event where the uncertainty about the timing is much more than a year, and was made up several hundred years AFTER the fact. As such, if you want to be a stickler, you might as well say that the next millenium may have started several years ago. So please stop sending me email. You don't have to celebrate if you don't want to. But let the rest of the world who doesn't care about silly irrelevant details (what's a millenium to you anyway) just go on with our life. Linus PS. NEXT year I may agree with you. I'll join the ranks of people with no life but the ability to count in another 360 days or so. But that's mainly in order to have an excuse to go out to town. 

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