Nova versão do gcc
Contribuído por jop em 28-07-99 12:49
do departamento RSN
GNU Parece que o gcc 2.95 está apenas à espera da benção de St. Ignucius para ver a luz do dia. Mais informação no desenvolvimento.
Anuncio na lista de desenvolvimento do gcc:
 Subject: gcc-2.95 release status Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 03:34:36 -0600 From: Jeffrey A Law  To:, CC:, (Karl Heuer) Just a quick status update since we are two weeks past the scheduled release date. The release is for all practical purposes ready. We are in a holding pattern waiting for RMS to comment on some documentation and the web pages. Hopefully we'll have RMS's comments soon and can address any issues he raises quickly. Once that is done I will spin the final tarballs and put gcc-2.95 on the ftp sites. Thanks for your patience, jeff 

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