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Linux A. Costa diz "No editorial do último número da Windows NT Magazine vem uma questão pertinente focada por Mark Russinovich (o criador do fantástico utilitário ntfsdos, entre outros: que compara a estabilidade do NT vs Linux relativamente aos device-drivers que ambos suportam... Toda a historia em: link " [AJC: A. Costa manda-nos também uma citação do artigo em causa, que podem encontrar no desenvolvimento.]
Citação da Windows NT Magazine:

"NT supports thousands of hardware devices. Not only does Microsoft not write the drivers for NT hardware, but the developers writing drivers for NT often have no experience with NT drivers or internals. In addition, hardware companies are on accelerated Internet time, trying to get new devices to market before their competitors do. As a result, hardware companies put both developer training and driver testing on the fast track. Many devices therefore ship without developers' properly writing or adequately testing them. Microsoft endorses an HCL, which lists drivers that undergo certification by a testing lab, but this lab can't possibly test every driver combination. In addition, about 25 million NT systems are online, so even the most obscure bug in a vendor's driver will show up on a regular basis.

Contrast that situation with the Linux situation: Either Linux OS developers or other Linux gurus write drivers for this OS because they love learning its internals and contributing to Linux's acceptance. They have no deadlines for their drivers to be ready for shipment, and the community supports only a limited number of devices because of the limited pool of Linux hackers. Obviously, a disparity in quality will surface between the typical Linux device driver and the typical NT driver. Also, compared to NT, Linux has few device and software combinations, so latent Linux bugs have a smaller chance of surfacing.

NT's stability problems are therefore a byproduct of its widespread acceptance, not of fundamental flaws in NT. If Linux catches on to the extent NT has, Linux will certainly suffer the same trials. I grow increasingly frustrated with the media and the Linux community for ignoring common sense when they bash NT with the reliability cheap shot.

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