Solaris agora é aberto
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News CREMAToRIO escreve "O sistema operativo Solaris é agora um projecto Open-Source, com novo site da comunidade

"I'm happy to tell you that the OpenSolaris project is now open, and we welcome your participation at our new community site: When you visit the site you'll see we have the OpenSolaris source code, a new source browser, build tools, documentation, a community portal, mailing lists, blogs, and much more. There are many ways for developers to immediately start contributing to the project, such as testing code, fixing bugs, documenting processes, and suggesting RFEs. You can also follow the technical conversations among Solaris engineers and the community on the long-term co-development model. More information is available in the announcement and release notes, as well as this blog entry by Sun's Jim Grisanzio. The first community release of Solaris Express can be downloaded from the Sun Download Center (registration required)." "

Sources do OpenSolaris já disponíveis para download | APDC: As "computer-implemented inventions" e a propriedade intelectual  >

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