xenox 2001 XL - LAN Party in Steinkjer, Norway
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Notícias Um anónimo de parte incerta informa-nos de uma LAN party na Noruega: "What is xenox? Well you probably haven't heard of it before, but it is a LAN-party in Steinkjer, in the middle of Norway (about halfway up the map) 6th to 10th of August. We have hosted several lesser xenox parties, but this one is much bigger than the previous ones, we have room for up to 2000 people with computers. Therefore we want you to come and join us at the end of this summer." [mais no desenvolvimento]

Interesting happenings at the party:

-Game and demoscene competitions.
-34mbit internet, and KANDU operated 100mbit LAN
-Really big party area and some side activities, DVD cinema, BBQ, river bathing if the weather is right.
-Many people are going to be there.

If you like the sound of this, then get your friends around and gather your digital equipment and point your nose to xenox for 5 days; 6th - 10th of August.

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