RedHat Fisher (Beta release) available
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RedHat xeon escreve "Segundo a Redhat na sua mailing list de redhat-announce:

Red Hat Linux "Fisher"
(a beta release)
Red Hat, Inc. presents a beta release of Red Hat Linux for your hacking pleasure.
Significant changes have been made since the last version of Red Hat Linux, including a shift to a 2.4-based kernel.
Fisher can be downloaded from our public FTP site at:
página (...)
* What's new in this beta?
General system improvements:
o Itanium(tm) architecture support is included
o Installer has many improvements and fixes, including basic firewall configuration
o Workstation installs are network-secure (services are off by default)
o Japanese support fully integrated
o Graphical kickstart configuration program included

Core system components:
o kernel 2.4.0 + many fixes
o glibc 2.2.1
o XFree86 4.0.2
o XFree86 3.3.6 X servers included for maximum hardware compatibility
o KDE 2.1 beta release snapshot
o GNOME libs 1.2.8, core 1.2.4
o GCC 2.96-RH

Expanded hardware support:
o Improved USB
o IDE UltraDMA 66/100
o IEEE1394 (FireWire(tm))
o ATM networking
o WiFI wireless ethernet cards
o ESS Maestro3 and newer Crystal audio

System service changes:
o New network-transparent configuration subsystem
o Configuration tools for BIND, Apache, and printing

Se houver alguem com vontade de tentar ... ja' sabe :-)

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