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Apoio a Projectos Open Source
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Europa Acaba no próximo dia 15 o convite a propostas para a criação de redes temáticas para desenvolvimento de projectos open source. Este tipo de propostas exige um considerável esforço de preparação, mas aqui fica a chamada de atenção e a sugestão de que os eventuais interessados estejam atentos aos próximos periodos de candidatura. Segue, na continuação, um texto do responsável do sector onde se clarifica o tipo de propostas pretendidas.
Action line IV.3.5.(i) Initiation of free /open source software development projects (Accompanying measures) is called in the 5th call of the IST programme (closing date 15 January 2001, 17:00)

The guide for proposers (see for details) contains the following sentence:

It is foreseen that most of the projects will be implemented through thematic networks - networks of excellence. Proposals are expected to follow the normal structure for thematic networks [...]

The choice of thematic networks for the proposal form is justified by the fact that free / open source software has a strong element of networking of competences, and the fact that the participant status of "member" is well adapted to the inclusion of the very diverse players that can contribute to a project in its initiation phase.

Our attention has been drawn to the fact, that "in principle", personnel costs in thematic network contracts cover only administrative work. This would of course not be adapted to the objective of the action line: though some proposals may simply put in place a network providing services to other developers, most proposals will actually conduct development until initial release. After consultation of our legal services, it has been approved that, when needed, the contract that will be used for successful proposals will be a take-up type of contract, in which:
- It is possible to include participants with the member status
- Personnel costs can be charged for technical work

Please note that this does not change anything to the proposal presentation: proposals should follow the prescriptions of the guide of proposers and its appendix 6, but they can include personnel costs for technical work when needed to achieve the objectives of the action.

In accordance with the objectives of the action, these technical development work and costs should be kept to the minimum allowing to reach the first threshold of usefulness, at which first release can occur, and from which the community-based development process can proceed.

This information will be posted in the background document on CORDIS in the coming days, but considering the coming close of call, please disseminate to all interested parties.

Philippe Aigrain
Head of Sector "Software Technologies"
European Commission DG INFSO/E2 Office N105 3/54
Postal address: rue de la Loi 200, B-1049 Brussels, Belgium
Office address: avenue des Nerviens 105, B-1040 Brussels
Assistant: Béatrice van Lancker, phone +,
Phone (direct): +
Fax: +

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